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Posted: Tuesday 22nd March 2016 by LivingSeas

Rockpool Ramble at


The sun was shining on a beautiful spring morning when Tori and I set out for a Shore Thing survey and rockpool ramble at Ballygally on Sunday 20 March.

We met with Mid and East Antrim Borough Council Biodiversity Officer, Maurice Turley, who had organised a rockpool ramble to coincide with the survey and who was now suitably clad in sunscreen and shades. Several dedicated members of the newly formed Ballygally Biodiversity Group soon joined us and it was a good job that not even a pair of sodden shoes after a misstep into a stream could dampen the spirits on such a clear day.

After familiarising the group with some of the seaweeds and animals encountered on a typical Shore Thing survey we set aside the science and enjoyed a Rockpool Ramble with local families who had turned out to explore the rockpools and dense seaweed. The kids were especially impressed by the many snakelocks anemones waving their green tentacles in the shallow pools. This southern cousin of the beadlet anemone continues to crop up further, and further northward, reminding us that the effects of warming seas are to be found on our shores.

Finally, the day was wrapped up with a timed species search - the remaining folk helping us check for those plants and animals that, like the snakelocks anemone, may be extending their ranges to the north.

Adam Butler,   Living Seas Trainee.